Publications in which articles by Bruzonsky have been featured

USA Publications

Atlanta Journal and Constitution

BOOK World - The Washington Post

The Boston Globe

Boycott Law Bulletin

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor


Congress Bi-Weekly

Congressional Quarterly

Contemporary Review

Dissent Magazine

Eastern Times

Events - News Magazine on the Middle East


Harper's Weekly


International Security (Harvard)

In These Times

Lawrence Today

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Weekly

Middle East Journal

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Moment Magazine

The Nation

National Geographic Society

The National Jewish Monthly

New Jewish Agenda

The New Renaissance



Politicks & Other Human Interests

Sacramento Bee

Sada Alwatan

The Arab-American News

The Commentator

The Journal of Palestine Studies

The Journal of the Middle East Institute

The National Jewish Monthly

The New Leader

The Plain Dealer

The Stars and Stripes

The Washington Post

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Washington Star

The Wilson Quarterly

Worldview Magazine

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


International Publications

Al-Biyader Al-Siyyaseh (Jerusalem)

Ad Dustour (Amman)

Al Ahram (Cairo)

Al-Ray Al-Aam (Kuwait)

Al-Siyassah (Kuwait)

Contemporary Review (London)

Egyptian Gazette (Egypt)

Events (London)

Haaretz (Israel)

Haolam Hazeh (Tel Aviv)

India Abroad (India)

International Affairs - Chatham House (London)

The Muslim (Islamabad)

International Problems (Tel Aviv)

The Jerusalem Star (Amman)

Jeune Afrique (Paris)

Israel and Palestine Political Report (Paris)

Israel Horizons

Journal of Palestine Studies (Beirut)

Le Monde (Paris)

Liberation (Paris)

Middle East International (London)

New Outlook (Tel Aviv)

Okaz (Jeddah)

Progres Egyptien (Egypt)

Playboy Magazine (Slovenia)

Rose El Yusef (Cairo)

The Egyptian Gazette (Cairo)

The International Herald Tribune (Paris)

The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

The Middle East Magazine (London)

The Saudi Gazette (Jeddah)

No War (Gentosha Publishing, Japan)