MERTV Programs 
This weekly program was televised throughout the Washington, DC area from 1994 to 2003.  It was broadcast on all the major cable TV
networks during prime time evening hours.  
MERTV was produced and hosted by Mark Bruzonsky.        

            MERTV - Selected Programs

MERTV - All Programs in order as broadcast from 1994-2003

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MERTV Video and Technical Production -
Benjamin T. Stith, B.T. Stith Visual Productions
Associated Producer for some programs - Omar Qourah

New Video Introduction 1998 - Jean Ibrahim    
- Sharif Ali, Dan Overlander    
- Kristen Tate   
- Shifra Stern
Special Thanks - Chicago Access, DCTV, Fairfax TV, Montgomery County TV, The 90s Channel, Free Speech TV, Deep Dish TV.